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How to Protect Trees During Summer

03 AUG 2022

How to Protect Trees During Summer

If you are into gardening or simply a person who appreciates nature and wants to freshen up your backyard, Sesmas Tree Service can help. Trees add value and aesthetic appeal to every landscape. There are many benefits of planting and maintaining healthy trees, ranging from wind and noise protection to providing shade. However, for trees to grow correctly, it's essential to offer them the care they need throughout the year. As we acclimate to summer weather, scheduling maintenance inspections with a tree care company ensure they survive the hot weather and remain healthy. Here are some of the ways to protect your trees during summer.

Apply a Layer of Mulch

A layer of mulch provides the much-needed help your trees need during summer, especially around the root area. Applying mulch protects the root area from direct exposure and helps with moisture retention, so you don't have to water your lawn constantly. When using mulch, it's always important to remember less is more and that only two to four inches thick is needed. Remember to leave enough space between the tree's base and mulch by applying it in a doughnut shape around the tree to discourage pests and diseases.

Watch Out

Keep an eye out for signs of heat stress, as proper cooling and shade are essential for effective tree care. If you don't know to provide shade for your trees, you need to consider hiring a professional tree service for routine maintenance. Our highly-experienced and trained team of arborists can help you detect even the slightest sign of heat stress, such as yellowing of leaves, drooping, and wilting leaves. The slightest appearance of these signs should be addressed quickly before the tree's well-being and health are compromised.

Roots and Trunk

Another effective way to protect your trees during summer is to pay close attention to the roots and trunk. The root system is the essential part of a tree, and looking after it helps to preserve its health. Even constantly walking around your lawn can lead to foot traffic, contributing to the damage incurred by your trees, especially the young ones. Applying mulch creates a little barrier against people walking near the tree. If the tree is very young, installing a fence helps to keep animals and children from hurting the tree.


To maintain strong, healthy trees, fertilization is an essential factor you need to pay attention to. A tree care company has the tools and expertise to test the soil and determine the nutrients lacking before recommending appropriate fertilizers. Trees are only as healthy as the soil they are planted in, and fertilizers add all the nutrients the soil needs. Fertilizers are also crucial when fighting insects and pests, especially if you opt for the most optimal one.

A tree service can help you inspect and maintain robust, healthy trees throughout the year. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our expert arborists. We guarantee quality tree care services at competitive market rates.