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Best Fertilizers For Evergreen Trees

27 OCT 2021

Best Fertilizers For Evergreen Trees

When thinking about healthy and beautiful trees, planting evergreens is what usually comes to mind! They don’t require a specific amount of fertilizers, so besides the fact that you can easily over-fertilize an evergreen without harming it, it’s important that it receives the appropriate nutrients to strengthen its endurance and to grow beautifully. Are you interested in learning more about care tips for evergreen trees? Sesmas Tree Service has you covered!

Overall, fertilizing evergreens becomes a necessity only if the tree is lacking the nutrients necessary to maintain its dark green color, but hiring a tree company is always recommended in order to guarantee good results. Sesmas Tree Service is at your service to answer the most asked questions regarding Evergreen trees and their fertilizing process.

When should you start considering fertilizing your Evergreen trees?

Evergreens’ growth can be easily maintained by having access to sunshine and water, but for healthy growth, a plant has to receive 17 different nutrients, usually present in fertilizers. The timing and early signs are also important for the overall process, so you might need to keep an eye on when you should consider fertilizing your Evergreens. The key signs you should closely monitor are as follows:

  • If your evergreen trees don’t grow as quickly as they should, fertilizers are a great option to boost their growth.
  • If they lack long needles or their signature green color, it usually means they’re short on nutrients and that their condition necessitates the right fertilizers.
  • Sandy and clay soils fail to offer the ideal conditions for planting evergreen trees, which means adding fertilizers will allow them to grow well under these unfavorable conditions.
  • Evergreens can suffer from damages caused by diseases and insects; in this case, fertilizers are needed to protect them from external attacks.
  • If you’re just starting your planting journey and recently planted young trees, fertilizing them can actually help them to grow quickly!

Conducting in-depth soil analysis around the tree is important to know more about the soil and if it lacks or even has nutrients’ excess. Sesmas Tree Service can help you determine the pH level and the current amount of organic matter within the soil.

Picking the Right Fertilizer Parameters

The right fertilizer is important for your evergreens trees; the bags usually contain the percentages of the different nutrients and minerals included. However, it’s recommended that you use:

  • A complete fertilizer with all the necessary macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (P), known as NPK.
  • A fertilizer that is NPK 10-8-15: 10% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, and 15% potassium.
  • Different percentages of the nutrients in the soil if the soil pH is off: Evergreens prefer slightly acidic soils (pH < 7).

When to Use Fertilizers?

  • The beginning of spring is the right period to use fertilizers, don’t use them late in the summer to prevent new growth later in the season.
  • Recently relocated Evergreen trees need additional time to get used to the new soil conditions, give them time to adapt before using fertilizers.
  • Water remains essential, and dry areas require a combination between regular watering and fertilizers.

Reach Out to Sesmas Tree Service for Healthy Evergreen Trees

Are you looking to learn more about your Evergreens’ needs? Do you need a tree company to provide you with a variety of tree services? Sesmas Tree Service and its team are at your disposal to assist you during the entire process. With the right diagnostic and fertilizer choice, your healthy evergreens will continue to grow throughout the year.