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The Hidden Dangers of Bagworms

20 JUN 2023

The Hidden Dangers of Bagworms

Trees provide a range of benefits to your landscape and the ecosystem. Like most living things, trees are susceptible to infestations and infections. With that in mind, scheduling routine inspections and maintenance with a professional tree care company is advisable. The most common pests that wreak havoc on trees are bagworms. These tiny caterpillars can cause devastating damage if left unchecked, so we recommend scheduling routine inspections with a tree service provider. The experts at Sesmas Tree Service can detect, diagnose, and address pests, ensuring you maintain a healthy landscape.

How to Identify Bagworm Infestations

The first step to effective pest control is identifying telltale signs of infestation. Many homeowners ignore the minor deterioration of trees and shrubs, resulting in a full-scale invasion or, worse, tree death. As mentioned, bagworms are tiny caterpillars that form small bags of plant material as they feed on leaves.

The most noticeable sign of bagworms are these plant material cases hanging from branches of the affected trees or shrubs. These bags range in size from small to several inches long, which makes them very conspicuous. Another sign of bagworm infestation is sudden defoliation or loss of leaves. Call a tree care company immediately if you notice some trees have less foliage than usual. As a property owner, being proactive with maintenance can save you time and money in the long run.

Bagworm Infestation Damages

Although the initial signs of infestation are subtle, these nasty critters can cause severe damage to trees and shrubs if left unchecked. Bagworms feed on leaves, causing stunted growth or death in severe situations. The damage is worse on small trees than on big ones, but that doesn’t mean robust trees can’t succumb to a full-scale infestation. Once you suspect a problem with your trees and shrubs, schedule an inspection to pinpoint the cause and address the problem quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than a defoliated or dead tree in the yard, compromising aesthetic appeal.

How to Prevent and Control Bagworm Infestations

Prevention is the best cure, and bagworm infestation is no exception. We can customize a care and maintenance plan to ensure your trees are healthy and appealing throughout. While we commend the efforts of DIY tree service providers, you need the knowledge and experience to avoid further deterioration. Here are ways to prevent and control bagworm infestations.

  • Manual Removal

If you notice telltale signs of bagworms early on, you can pick them off manually. However, ensure you dispose of them in a sealed bag to prevent a recurrence. You can consult a reputable service provider to handle the heavy lifting if you prefer a more hands-off approach.

  • Pruning

Another effective prevention and control technique is pruning. This method entails cutting affected limbs to mitigate spreading. Pruning also protects surrounding trees, ensuring your yard is healthy and safe. Many homeowners may attempt pruning because it seems straightforward, but they need the right tools and proper technique to avoid irreversible damage.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service to schedule a consultation with our expert arborists and enjoy various benefits. We guarantee top-notch services without breaking the bank so you can enjoy your trees for years.