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Risks of Ignoring Tree Removal

19 SEP 2023

Risks of Ignoring Tree Removal

When caring for your property, trees play a significant role in enhancing aesthetics and providing shade. However, attention to tree removal can lead to many problems of aesthetics and can seriously affect property and personal safety. At the Sesmas Tree Service, we understand the potential dangers of ignoring tree removal, from financial costs associated with emergencies to the hazards of unstable or overgrown trees. Working with reputable arborists is imperative, ensuring you make informed decisions about maintenance and removal.

Financial Costs of Emergency Tree Removal

One of the most immediate dangers of neglecting tree removal is the financial burden it can impose. When you leave trees unchecked, they become diseased, damaged, or overgrown, posing a severe risk to your property. During storms or heavy winds, these compromised trees may suddenly fall, causing extensive damage to your home, vehicles, or other structures on your property.

The cost of emergency tree removal, including repairing the damage caused, can be astronomical. Insurance may cover some of these expenses, but you may still have substantial out-of-pocket costs. Preventative care and regular inspections by a tree service expert guarantee prompt removal of hazardous trees, saving you from financial setbacks.

Hazards Posed by Unstable Trees

Unstable trees are a ticking time bomb on your property. Trees with weakened or decaying trunks, large dead branches, or an unbalanced canopy are likely to fail, especially during adverse weather. When these trees fall, they can cause severe injuries and extensive property damage to anyone in their path.

In addition, the danger isn’t limited to the tree’s immediate vicinity. Falling branches can pose a risk to pedestrians, vehicles, and neighboring properties. Ignoring the signs of tree instability can lead to devastating consequences that could have been prevented by hiring a tree care company for inspections and removal. 

Overgrown Bushes and Their Impact

While most people call arborists to remove large trees, overgrown bushes, and shrubs also present various dangers when neglected. Overgrown vegetation can obstruct sightlines, making it challenging to navigate your property safely. This puts you at risk and can also be a hazard for visitors, mail carriers, or delivery personnel.

Overgrown bushes can also provide hiding spots for pests and intruders, compromising personal safety. To ensure the security of your property and maintain a welcoming environment, schedule regular pruning and removal of overgrown vegetation with tree service experts.

Legal Liabilities

Ignoring the need for tree removal can cause legal liabilities. If a tree on your property causes damage to neighboring properties or injures someone, you may be held legally responsible. To avoid potential lawsuits and associated costs, it is crucial to assess the health and stability of your trees regularly and take proper action when necessary.

The dangers of ignoring tree removal can have far-reaching consequences. To mitigate these risks, investing in regular tree inspections, maintenance, and removal is essential when needed. Doing so can protect your assets, ensure your safety, and contribute to a healthier environment. Contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and access quality services from the best tree care company in the business.