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No landscaping project can be fully assured without an arborist on the team. Arborists in Decatur, also known as tree surgeons, are professionals in the practice of arboriculture: the study of trees and other perennial woody plants such as hedges and bushes. They are experts in identifying, diagnosing, and treating diseased and dying trees. Arborists also specialize in pruning, hedging, and removing trees. 

All in all, an arborist is the go-to professional for tree care. Continue reading to learn about how scheduling an appointment with an arborist at Sesmas Tree Service can beautify your property, make your trees healthier, and prevent accidents and injuries.

Improve the Appearance of Your Property

If you have taken a drive through a prestigious neighborhood or business park, then you have likely noticed the work of an arborist. Arborists work on the field as well as in the office; they bring science and art together to create a landscape that is appealing and brings up the value of your property. They design park and lawn layouts, plan new planting, and manage existing trees by trimming and shaping them. 

If you are a property owner or manager in Decatur that understands the value of an attractive environment, then call Sesmas Tree Service today for a FREE consultation. Our Decatur arborists are ISA certified, meaning they have passed comprehensive exams and take continuing education to stay up-to-date on advanced techniques.

Decatur Certified Arborists

Keep Your Trees and Bushes Looking Healthy and Fresh

Trees are beautiful fixtures that may very well qualify as valuable assets, but they are also living beings with a growth cycle and threats to that development. Without proper care, a majestic maple tree can end up being nothing more than rotten wood taking up space on your property. A certified arborist can help you make the most of the asset on your property, though.

When you schedule with Sesmas and we dispatch to your property, you can expect a crew that pledges to keep their eye out for irregularities. That means when our team gets to your property, our Sesmas arborist in Decatur will deal with the issue at hand and also look for other issues or problems that only expert eyes may notice. So, give us a call to schedule an appointment with an expert today.

Prevent Injuries and Damage to Property

Trees can be as dangerous as they are lovely to look at. Large branches that are diseased or decaying can turn into crushing disasters in the blink of an eye. This is why it is so important to regularly inspect trees on your property to make sure they are not a threat.

Trees that are especially risky are those that stand near utility poles, grow near underground pipes and wires, or reach over rooftops and cars. Call Sesmas Tree Service now if you have been asking around for a certified arborist near me. Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and are dedicated to serving our neighbors and friends in Decatur. Call now to receive a FREE consultation and a FREE price estimate.

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